Reports from Echigo-Tsumari Art Field, around #HKHouse: volunteered for artist #Shimabuku to plant flowers in the fields around Ketto village in #Akiyamago. He has other works there, including one that gets cucumbers to ‘fly’ (being transported) above rice fields using a pulley system mounted on old wooden towers on both sides. ‘It used to be rice flying; now it’s cucumber or tomato,’ he said. ‘Why here?’ I asked. ‘Here, no one has time to get fat. They are always working the fields. I’m curious why people chose to live here. They are different from city people.’ ‘Perhaps spiritual, perhaps to be close to nature,’ I said. ‘Yes, but nature is also very harsh. Maybe, to hide…’ I think of how everyone needs to hide sometimes – artists, farmers, hunters the like; then, all of a sudden, nature wakes us all up from it, neither for good nor bad; just to be. Next to the artist’s work is a tree trunk with claw marks of a bear. The artist said the bear is nicknamed #crescent_bear’ because of the patch of white fur on its chest. Nearby, #JunHonma’s #MeltingWall outside a school-turned-onsen. From a turquoise blue, the ‘wall’ returned water to the summer sky. (Yang Yeung)