Reports from Echigo-Tsumari Art Field, around #HKHouse: No picture for any of this except the circumstances (what’s around) – to You who gave the warmest smiles, to You who speak no Cantonese the way I speak no Japanese, to You who brings the touch of sun on skin to the gazbacho Herman and Pak made, to You who say ‘I’m happy’ the way I too say ‘I’m happy’, to You who is so needy of sleep but still stand….Resentment or gratitude? It’s a choice not entirely up to us, but also up to us. What makes a day long? Is ‘long’ too much? Is ‘long’ a measure? Is ‘long’ bountiful? Is ‘long’ a stretch of time? Is ‘long’ all of the above, or everything beyond the above? Inspired by books in the open shelves of #Kinare_Tokamachi…(Yang Yeung)