Reports from Echigo-Tsumari Art Field, around #HKHouse: end of my morning hike blessed by ‘gifts from land’: tomatoes from grandma at 魚兼本店居酒屋(, as if a prelude to #Gift_from_Land by Sense Art Studio + HK Farmers + St James Creation today at #EchigoTsumari_Auditorium. It was an occasion that corrects the way Echigo Tsumari Art Field is imagined (from some in Hong Kong, including artists and visitors) as related only to ‘villages’ as an idea of the ‘rural’ that is frozen in time. Instead, agriculture and commerce are involved with each other; farming communities are supported by urbanization; art emerges out of overlapping systems including processes of negotiation that recognize citizens as masters who govern what the common good is. In this case, well-being of the land gives rise to well-being of human and other beings with art being a medium that transmits – a symbiosis central to the triennale. Does the equality of freedom not have to be instituted and the care for each other be nurtured first for anything like this to happen? Not sure if it was Mars or Jupiter I was gazing at just now…but the wonder remains. (Yang Yeung)


#Snow_of_Spring by #José_de_Guimarães