Art Appraisal Club

“Critics in Dialogue” with Art Appraisal Club

Supported by Asian Cultural Council – Asia Society Series on the Arts


The boom in art has ignited boundless imagination of what art can do for the society. Curiously,
when we all look at art, it seems to evaporate before our eyes. Critics from the Art Appraisal Club
will share their views on recent exhibitions, artworks, and artistic practices, and ponder upon how
audiences can get the most from the critical discourses of art.
The panel will select 5-6 exhibitions take place in Hong Kong between October to December for in
depth review with the following focus:
• What have been done well/ not well and why?
• What could be done?
• How does the particular work relate to the overall practice of the artist?
• How does it relate to the organizational practice?
• Does it reflect any particular trend/ phenomenon in HK art scene?
The panel discussion is a rare chance to hear the most honest review on recent art exhibition and
project happening around us locally. Target audiences for this activity are cultural audience and art
professionals. The activity will take a round table format, and set up as a ring stage, where audiences
are seated in circle surrounding the panel. Some free seats will be open for audience to join in
the discussion. The selected exhibition/ project will be on for discussion among the panel and
audience for a fix time of 15 mins each as to create an exciting atmosphere.

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